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Coast Azure Estates offers a comprehensive range of services specifically designed to meet our clients’ needs throughout the property purchasing process. From free legal advice to personalized guidance and multilingual support, we ensure a seamless and rewarding experience for our valued customers.

Our team of experienced legal experts is committed to providing transparent legal advice. We assist with property law, contract agreements and inheritance matters, ensuring a full understanding of the legal aspects of your purchase.

Yes, our multilingual team ensures effective communication throughout the property process. Whether you speak English, Turkish or another language, we provide support tailored to your needs to ensure understanding and satisfaction.

Coast Azure Estates specializes in a wide range of properties including luxury villas, beachfront apartments and private resort residences. Our broad portfolio appeals to different lifestyles and preferences.

Customer satisfaction is our priority. We deliver a hassle-free experience by providing personalized assistance from property search to post-purchase support. Our team is dedicated to understanding and meeting our customers’ needs.

Yes, it is possible to carry out the entire process remotely, from deposit payment to completion of the sale.

Yes, Coast Azure Estates provides a list of recommended and trusted lawyers in North Cyprus. We provide peace of mind throughout the transaction process by ensuring our clients receive quality legal services at competitive prices.

There are three main taxes to consider when buying property in Northern Cyprus:

    • Stamp Duty: A one-time tax of 0.5% of the value of the property, which must be paid within one month from the date of the contract.
    • Value Added Tax (VAT): 5% VAT applies for brand new properties or resales where the original owner did not previously pay VAT. This tax is not paid on resales sold as “VAT Paid, in the Name of the Title Owner”.
  • Title Deed Transfer Fee: This tax varies for citizens of Northern Cyprus and Türkiye and overseas buyers. With the latest changes, the fee has been increased to 6% for TRNC and Turkish citizens and to 12% for overseas buyers.

Your lawyer will prepare a sales contract to protect your interests. If you are purchasing a property under construction, the contract will include all important terms such as plot number, plot size, price, payment plan, completion date with penalty clauses for late completion. All floor plans and specifications will be included in the contract to ensure that the seller is obliged to carry out the construction work in accordance with them.

If you plan to visit your property in Northern Cyprus for 90 days or less each time you visit and do not intend to work in the country, you will only be transferred to Ercan International Airport (accessible via Turkey for all nationalities) or if you are passing through the south of Cyprus you will be automatically transferred to all nationalities upon arrival at the TRNC border. You will need a 90-day visitor visa issued (please note that you must be a European, American or Commonwealth citizen to enter the south of Cyprus). However, if you plan to stay in TRNC regularly for more than 90 days, you can apply for a temporary residence permit when you pay at least 40% of the sales price of the property you have purchased and sign a sales contract.

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